Let’s All Do Our Part to Converse Water, Fallon Residents! Here Are Some Ways to Reduce Water Usage During Drought Conditions

May 14, 2015 2:45 pm

As you're likely already aware, we're experiencing a drought here in Nevada. Due to this, we're requesting that residents of Fallon be mindful of their water usage and converse this precious resource whenever possible. Taking steps to conserve water is actually quite simple! You could, for example, turn the water off while you brush your teeth, or you could shut off the shower while you soap up. Educate your kids about the importance of water conservation, and ask them to do their part — even if that means skipping outdoor games that involve the hose!

Here at Fallon, we're doing our part to save water by limiting the days and length of time we water the lawns. For now, we're limiting the watering to only treat the front yards, the dog park, and the perimeter of the Neighborhood Park.

For more information about current drought conditions and ways to conserve water, visit the links below.

U.S. Drought Monitor [Official Site]
25 ways to conserve water in the home and yard [Eartheasy.com]
How to Conserve Water and Use It Effectively [EPA]
Save Water 49 Ways: Indoors [American Water & Energy Savers]

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