Back to School Lunches

September 1, 2015

It is that time again. The kids are back in school and we all know what that means – brown bag lunches. Across the nation parents are slicing fruits and veggies, cutting crusts off of sandwiches, and dutifully making sure their child can weather the school day with the energy they’ll get from their packed snacks.

Lunch, like most meals, can find itself in a rut. The former favorite starts to come home uneaten and it is back to the drawing board. Keeping the kidos interested in lunch can be one daunting task. We have put together a few tips for upping the ante on school lunches.

Love From The Oven compiled a list of 50 unique lunch combinations to keep things interesting. There are tips on how to pack a themed lunch, keep foods from touching – picky eaters rejoice! – and countless recipes to help you jump out of the PB&J rut.

WebMD provides a list of healthy prepackaged grocery store items. These items are great to have on hand when there just isn’t enough time in the morning to cut an apple into 8 perfect wedges – they have a company that will do that for you!

Reader’s Digest is full of time saving lunch hacks. From the best time to pack their lunch to innovative coolers and icepacks they have the answers to your lunchtime questions.

Employ a few of these simple tricks and the kids will be counting down the hours until they get to dig into their brown bags.

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