Let’s All Do Our Part to Converse Water, Fallon Residents! Here Are Some Ways to Reduce Water Usage During Drought Conditions

As you're likely already aware, we're experiencing a drought here in Nevada. Due to this, we're requesting that residents of Fallon be mindful of their water usage and converse this precious resource whenever possible. Taking steps to conserve water is actually quite simple! You could, for example, turn the water off while you brush your […]

What To Do in Fallon

Aren't we lucky to call Fallon home? There's plenty to do on base, of course. You can bowl, swim, or see a movie. Run, work out, or take the kids to the playground. Pony Express rents bikes, boats, camping gear, and all you need to enjoy the outdoors. Heck, you can even hit the batting […]

13th Annual Chili / Salsa Cook-Off at Overland Hotel

I know you’ve seen it over the years at the corner of Nevada and Center on the Old Lincoln Highway, where it’s been handed over from one owner to another. Of course, I’m talking about the old Overland Hotel that’s been under the ownership of George Machado since May of 1996. According to the website, “George, […]

Beautiful Vacation Spots Not Too Far from Fallon

Family trips are usually pretty fun, but the summer variety seem to to take the cake with most. Why? The weather is usually beautiful, you’re probably in need of a vacation, and the kids are usually pretty psyched (which gets you psyched). So what do you have on your vacation radar? There are some beautiful places […]

A Few Ways to Stay Cool This Summer in Fallon

How do you plan to stay cool in Fallon, Nevada this summer? Of course, there’s always the option of chilling in the pool on base, at the one at Parks and Rec out in town and one at Oats Park! Fun and easy. Or do you want something a little more natural? Just outside of town, […]

What Does Memorial Day Mean to You?

As we approach another Memorial Day, our very own Sam Merrick has a few true and inspirational words to share: Monday is set aside to remember those who have paid for our freedoms with their lives while wearing the American uniform. How will you choose to remember them? I always remember Billy Relf who graduated high […]

The All Hands Champagne Brunch for Mother’s Day

So, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12. It’s literally a few days away, and if you’re still searching for something to do, look no further. The Silver State Club is hosting a Mother’s Day celebration called All Hands Champagne Brunch beginning at 1000 hours. The menu is looking good, and the prices are bad either. […]

Screen-Free Week: April 29-May 5

Today, the week is known as Screen-Free Week because there are a now more ways to watch programming than just on the TV. PCs, laptops, iPads, tablets, etc. have changed the game entirely; I think it’s safe to say that technology has played a huge part in that! So with that said, Screen-Free Week is scheduled for […]

Don’t Miss Out on Fallon Earth Day Events

The 2013 official date for Earth Day is on Monday, April 22, but let’s be honest, every day should be earth day. Let’s not minimize the amount  of days we can help clean up the planet we inhabit; besides, we need to try to leave it habitable for future generations. However, we have to start […]

Winter Driving Tips for Safe Travels

Like I stated in a previous post, winter is coming; In fact, today is the winter solstice–Happy Winter to you all! And it seems like the weather is going to make it well known to the area that winter is officially here, with the forecast calling for low temps and rain & snow showers with them. […]

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